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Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy at Grace House of Windham

At Grace House of Windham, pets are part of the family. Our pets bring a smile to our residents’ faces, brightening their day. We are firm believers of pet therapy for the elderly because it provides a sense of well being and companionship. Pets are cause for connecting with people, conversation, and nurturing. Dealing with separation from loved ones can be hard, causing a sense of loneliness. Pet therapy for adults eases the problem and provides a positive outlook to all of our residents.

According to LoveToKnow Seniors, the physical benefits of pet therapy for the elderly are increased mobility, increased exercise, and lowered blood pressure. The emotional benefits are companionship, a sense of caring and nurturing, increased self esteem, decreased anxiety and depression due to the bond formed with the animal, reduced loneliness, and increased social interaction.